An IT auditor has had a thorough training at postgraduate level and has hands-on experience with the drafting of standards, assessment, reporting and advice.

The professional organizations ISACA and NOREA require registered IT auditors to follow and justify continuing education. This aims to keep up the necessary expertise and is expected to continue to operate responsibly.

The profession of IT auditor wants to provide eminent expertise. Therefore, this profession in particular, needs to stay tuned continually, in knowledge and attitude, to the latest societal demands and developments. Confidence in the profession, but also the credibility and prestige, can only be maintained when IT auditors continuously and closely monitor developments in their field, both focused on the development of technology and the law and regulations and technical changes.

We are renowned for providing company-specific education at any level within your organization. Senior managers, senior auditors, experienced auditors and sometimes even novice auditors participate in our trainings.

Our instructors have years of experience in the IT audit field and are qualified RE and CISA and certified QSA.

As a training institute, we are registered in the Central Register for Short Vocational Training (CRKBO).


What we can offer you

We have, because of our close ties to the VU University Amsterdam, considerable experience with the development of lectures and workshops at academic level. We utilize this educational experience to develop and offer courses and training in the areas of:

  • Basic course in IT Audit for training new employees or for the elimination of deficiencies for other courses within the discipline.

  • Specific case-related or thematic training for your more experienced employees;

  • On-the-job-training for your staff who need to be trained to independently carry out specific investigations;

  • Vision oriented or specific case-related training for your (senior) managers;

  • Individual coaching or training for a particular employee, manager or director.


  • Through tailored courses and training programs, internal and external colleagues are trained in modern developments in the field;

  • We help your organization to explore particular developments in depth and allow your employees to anticipate them;

  • With each course or training, a statement can be issued to the participant on the scope, results and attendance. These statements are intended primarily to meet the accountability of registered peers to ISACA, NOREA and NBA.