Every market and organization is working on particular aspects of the forming of judgment and review, which go much deeper than what is taught in the basic courses. Regulatory bodies and internal control functions need specific training courses, which are not included in the curricula of the regular programs.

We have, because of our close ties with the VU University Amsterdam, considerable experience with the development of lectures and workshops at academic level. This makes it possible to develop a customized course that includes the learning points you want to convey to your employees.

Our instructors have years of experience in the IT audit field and are qualified RE and CISA, and certified QSA.

As a training institute, we are registered in the Central Register for Short Vocational Training (CRKBO).


What we can offer you

  • Conducting a preliminary investigation and drawing up a customized program. Subsequently, the course or training program is developed on the basis of desk research and fieldwork;

  • Offering well-chosen case studies which explain and discuss complex factors in an understandable way.


  • A training program customized specifically for your organization.